Disruptive economic and ecological process optimization for strengthened glass.

Glass! It is exquisite, transparent and so versatile!

ReViSalt – stands for sustainable process optimization in the production of “speed hardened” glasses. ReViSalt means revitalization of molten salts used in the chemical strengthening of glass.

We offer our customers analyzes of salt baths and competent advice, and we develop, produce and sell regeneration and cleaning materials.

Advantages at a glance


Regeneration while the process is ongoing – online process.


  • Doubling the lifespan of the salt bath 
  • Regulation of pH value (basicity)
  • Regeneration of sodium and lithium


  • Maintaining a consistent and high level of quality
  • Non-toxic and 100% recyclable

Die Grenzen des Glases erweitern

The disruption for the glass world!

We want to set new standards in the global glass industry.  

By spreading new, economical and competitive technologies that assist the energy-intensive glass industry with their environmental adaption. Glass no longer has to break and plastics can be replaced. We can cause disruptive changes in the glass market and expand the boundaries of glass.

Bottle with drink near berries

Economic production of hardened glass

Industrialization of a disruptive technology for solidifying glass.

With this new technology, the physical limits of glass will be altered forever.

The most important evaluation criterion: from now on it is economically possible to use strengthened glass in a wide range of applications!  Glass can now become thinner and yet stronger. We no longer need specialized glass for unique applications.  We use the glass that is most widely used worldwide: Sodalime! Sustainable process optimization in the production of “speed hardened” glasses with revitalization of molten salts used in the chemical strengthening of glass. For more informations, see: www.2mh-glas.com  


24.03.2022Chemie.dePresentation Start-up ReViSalt develops ecological salt bath regeneration for the production of high-strength glasses
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Symposium Weilburg 2022


20.-23. Sep. 2022

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The minds behind ReViSalt

The Innovators.
"The future of all of us is being shaped today.

ReViSalt wants to do its part in leaving an ecological and healthy world to our children"

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Kontakt: Michael Heidan

Telefon:+49 3731 2596213

Email: contact@revisalt.com

The first step is a conversation!

Contact: Michael Heidan

Telephone: +49 3731 2596213

Email: contact@revisalt.com